Investment is not only about money

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Investment is not only about money. True enough, there are things more important than money. That is where you should invest.

When I was little, I would beg my grandfather to buy me a clown fish as a pet. ”Clown fish are bad for my fighting cocks!” he would tell me. He was quite superstitious.

On the other hand, sometimes he would bring home flying fish, but not as a pet of course. It was the most abundant fish in the market and the cheapest. By the way, a flying fish is not a pretty fish.
It is only now that I understand the lessons behind grandfather’s actions. First, it's more practical to buy flying fish for food than to buy clown fish for pets. In fact, one clown fish is more expensive than 1 kilo of flying fish. For the second lesson, let me tell you a story.

A long time ago in the deepest sea, there was only one kind of fish. They all looked the same, black tail and white scales. Nemo and Bangs were best friends in school. After their graduation, they were to choose their new destiny.

”I want some colorful scales, with a little line around my belly as if I were wearing a black belt,” Nemo wished. “And oh! I want my tails and fins thinner and softer.” Right there and then, he became a Clown fish. Everyone was amazed at Nemo’s new elegant look.

“I want wider, longer and stronger pectoral fins,” Bangs wished.

“That's it?” Nemo interrupted. “How boring! What would you do with your boring side fins? Why would you want them bigger?”

Before Bangs could respond to Nemo, his black fins grew longer, almost up to his tail. Nemo started laughing so hard he almost choked. Their classmates also joined in the mocking laughter.

When the laughter abated, Bangs opened his new fins and zoomed to disappear in the middle of everyone.

After the ceremony, Nemo and Bangs met again. “You know, I had a wonderful day swimming with my elegant scales and soft fins and tails.” Nemo looked at himself lovingly and admired his new self. ”So, how were your wings?” Nemo giggled.

“Oh! I had a blast!” Bangs said as he flexed his wings wide. “For the first time in my life, I saw the world. I flew up above the water and I tasted the air. I saw the sun. I felt the waves of the sea. I saw the birds, the trees, and everything was beautiful. I can’t wait to go back there again.”

As Bangs went on and on sharing his experiences of the day, Nemo was silent.

Just like Bangs in the story, invest in things that will allow you to fly, rather than make you look flashy. Invest in education, in improving your skills, in developing your well-being, in honing your talents, in memorable experiences, etc. They are more important than buying things just to impress others.

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 How to Survive Mondays

Get Recharged - Have A Date with Yourself

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I may have experienced being an emcee or a host of events and delivered speeches in front of hundreds of people quite a few times already, but I still haven't mastered recharging my energy in seconds. After every event, I always get inexplicably exhausted. Sometimes, my tears just fell from my eyes and I didn’t know why.

Then I met the term Introvert in Susan Caine's book Quiet. I realized I was not crazy and that many people also experience my weird experiences. Perhaps I was just experiencing other introverts were experiencing. I learned that I only needed me-time to get recharged.

I believe that me-time is not only for introverts. It is for everyone. When we become drained by work or any stressful activity, our souls seem to separate from our physical body. It is only during me-time that we can put them back together in harmony.

Me-time is a special time you allocate -- like a date with yourself. It is the time when you reconnect with your core values and listen to what your soul is telling you. Some use it to meditate, to pray, or to take a short walk. It doesn't matter, as long as your mind is focused on your inner voice, and not on the voice of the outside world.

Here are some of the me-time activities I enjoy doing, which you may also want to try:

1. Go to a Videoke bar alone and sing. Don't worry; I also love to go there with friends.

2. Do solo exercise like hiking, biking, or swimming. I also find that snorkeling is a great me-time activity. Just make sure you're not swimming in a shark-infested sea.

3. Enjoy the sunset. It is also a good me-time activity that allows you to appreciate the magnificent display of colors painted in the sky.

4. Pray and reflect. Me-time is also a good time to pray, which you can also do while at work.

5. Get disconnected for a while. While having me-time, it is best to disconnect from any devices and social media. Relax -- the world won’t collapse if you miss opening a couple of Facebook notifications. I used to open my Facebook every other minute because I thought that something would come up that urgently needed my attention. While I was writing this book, I tried to avoid Facebook for 24 hours, then 48 hours. When I opened my Facebook after that, there were 50 notifications telling me that someone liked or commented on my posts. But I was still fine. The world did not collapse.

6. Consider going to work 30 minutes earlier than everyone else. That way you will have ample time to sort your mind out. You will have a clearer view of how you want your day to unfold. You may not be able to control every external factor that comes along, but you will have a sense of being in control of what you can -- which is yourself.

7. Schedule me-time before or after work. Do what you enjoy doing -- like painting, writing blogs, reading books, taking photos, playing with kittens, watching movies alone, etc. It doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy what you're doing. Just let your mind drift away from the problems at work. 

During me-time, let go of any worries about work and just focus on your inner self. Listen to what your inner voice is saying.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Toxic People - Remove them from your life

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I have accepted the fact that I don't have the best teeth in the world, not even in our small Barangay! As a kid, I was never a fan of dentists. I hated them!

The first time I visited a dentist I was trembling in fear. If it wasn't an employment requirement, I would not have dared to go to the clinic by myself. 

"We need to remove 4 of your teeth!" the dentist said joyfully, as if he was telling me to remove my socks.

"Is there any other option? Maybe you can repair them or something," I begged. Four teeth? They would never grow back!

"Yes, we can fill them, but they are so bad that if we do that, we might cause more harm to your other good teeth. The damage could be worse!"

What the dentist said made me realize that sometimes, you have to sacrifice the bad teeth to save the good ones. Removing them from your life might be excruciating, but in the long run, the pain would be worth it.

The same is true of your job. The bad teeth are those infectious colleagues who make you feel bad about yourself; those who give you a negative vibe; and those who always highlight your insecurities. If you stay with them for a long time, you will be in grave danger.

But I'm not saying you should always avoid everyone who gives you a pain in the neck! What if he's your boss? Avoiding him may not be healthy, unless you wish to resign to avoid him forever.

I once had a perfectionist boss who couldn’t tolerate even little mistakes. Every time he called me into his office I would clench my fists under the table. Later on, I realized that my reaction wasn’t toward his perfectionism. It was toward my own insatiable desire to do things perfectly. It was one of my bad teeth that I needed to remove.

The bad teeth in your job may not be as easy to remove as the bad teeth in your mouth. Aside from the people who become part of your life, the bad teeth could also be your vices, your attitude towards your job and your unhealthy habits.

If you feel you have bad teeth in your job that are not worth the effort you have to remove them from your life.

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The Boxing Experts

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When Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao everyone became a boxing expert. Everyone had something to say about who should win and why. In the morning, before going to their respective jobs, employees gathered in a circle to discuss conspiracy theories. 

In the afternoon, the same circle of "boxing experts" would be discussing another what-if during the fight. And it went on and on for weeks.

One time, just for fun, I took a stopwatch to check their time. In one session, they wasted at least an hour. That's a lot of time spent on non-work related matters!

Whenever there is a hot issue, people transform from boxing experts to political analysts, to showbiz critiques. It happens even during working time. Is that even allowed? Technically, it's not! Most employees do it anyway.

If you use the company time on non-work related matters, then you have already broken an important yet harmless company rule. However, if all you do for the whole eight hours is non-work related, that's a different story. Obviously, it's no longer harmless.

For the 8AM - 5PM shifters, usually a 20-minute break in the morning and another in the afternoon are allowed. CR breaks in between are not counted. Let's say, aside from an hour lunch break, employees are allowed to have at least two hours of personal breaks.

What about the time spent chatting with colleagues, taking personal calls, and browsing non-work related posts on the Internet? Perhaps, that's another two hours you shed from your supposed eight paid work hours.

I know there are those who would say that they're too busy and they have too many things to do with too little time. I doubt if that's true. But it's not my place to tell you if you're busy or not. It is yours to decide. You can lie to everyone but not to yourself.

I asked a few friends to take an honest inventory of non-work related activities that they do at work. Here's the result:
  • Credit Card Transactions - 20 minutes
  • Shop online - 1 hour
  • Book personal flights online - 30 minutes
  • Post personal messages using email/text/Facebook messages and make calls during work hours - 30 minutes
  • Take short breaks in between, even if it is beyond the designated break time - 30 minutes
  • Chat with friends for a few minutes asking about their personal lives - 30 minutes
  • Buy food during work hours - 30 minutes
  • Plan for personal leave - 30 minutes
  • Update CVs and resumes - 1 hour

Don't get mad at me if the above list is not applicable to you, okay? It may not be the same exact list you have, but my point is that it is important to be aware of how you spend your time at work. 

That way you will know if you have been productive or not. You have to do an honest inventory of your use of time. After that, if you notice that you have a tendency to spend a lot of time on not-so useful discussions and not-so useful activities, then you have a decision to make. You can ignore it and continue doing it.

Your boss will not remind you about it anyway. But it's not about being noticed by your boss or not. It is about you making a decision to make little changes in your use of time. It is the small changes that you make on a daily basis that will have the biggest impact on your working life.

What you spend most of your time on is what you will become in the future. If you need to break the harmless rules, spend more time on beneficial activities than on not-so useful discussions, you will have a fulfilling day every day.

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I Finished the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge and here’s why you (Aspiring Authors) should Join, too

Have you ever wanted to become an author? Then, you might consider joining the 90-day Writing Challenge of my mentor Sha Nacino. It’s worth it! Let me share with you my author story.

I had always wanted to be an author even before I knew how and why.

WE DIDN’T HAVE COLLECTION OF BOOKS AT HOME, except for the hardbound orange bible with colorful illustrations on its pages. I don’t remember seeing someone from the family ever read something, except for the Jai Alai ticket, which the old folks called Tip. Every day, that’s all they read. It’s got some numbers and drawings on it that they would analyze and guess what combination of 3 numbers would win the next day.

One day as I visited my classmate’s house, there flashed in my eyes a whole set of hard-bound encyclopedia that seemed like golden acorns. I was like that saber-tooth squirrel in the Ice Age movies that popped its eyes out of its socket after seeing a golden acorn. They were neatly piled on their shelves. I couldn’t get my eyes off of those treasures I saw. Out of selfish wish, I asked my father a set of encyclopedia as a present for my graduation in high school.  Of course, that didn’t happen! The dream of having my own encyclopedia in my own shelf remained a dream. I didn’t know encyclopedias would soon be extinct!

As a kid, I was fascinated with horror stories and stories about magic and fiction. Well, I was born and raised in the mystical island of Siquijor. When I got a job after college, the first thing I bought was a novel by Stephen King. The first fiction novel I ever read was Danielle Steel’s Full Circle, which took me 3 days to finish. The first non-fiction books that I adore were Bo Sanchez’s. I realized that words have magic. They brought me some crazy feelings. They brought me to tears. They inspired me.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH WRITING the moment I learned how to use a pen. We used to have a rusty typewriter at home. By just placing my fingers on its keyboard, imagining words coming out floating in the air, gave me a different kind of joy. Yes, I was Walter Mitty!

Whenever I couldn’t sleep, I would light a lamp and write until I would doze off with a pen in my hand. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night bugged by a nightmare, I write. Whenever I see something I like or don’t like, I write instead of talking about it. If I write about something that bothers me, it relieves the tension in my head without having to bother anyone but myself. Perhaps writing is what kept me sane all these years. By the way, composing a status in Facebook is also writing!

I WAS NEVER THE BEST WRITER since elementary, high school, and until college. My writing was never a favorite of teachers. I was even told that my writing was one-dimensional or all-over-the-place. I didn’t know what it meant, but it didn’t sound good. It hurt my feelings; I’m quite sensitive, you know! Still, I continue to write not to please other people, not even my teachers, who gave me unsatisfactory grades at least to my expectations. I write because it is the one thing that makes my heart jump of excitement. Writing sharpens my senses. It makes me ponder on a lot of things. And I think it's made me a better person, but sorry I don’t know how to prove that!

Again I ask You, have you ever wanted to write and become an author?

Yes I wanted to write and become an author… “BUT I’m too busy at work. BUT I have no time. BUT I’m not inspired. BUT I’m not really good at it. BUT my grammar sucks. BUT nobody likes my writing.” These were my excuses. I never ran out of BUTs.

My biggest dilemma before joining the 90-Day Writing Challenge was procrastination. When you don’t have a system in writing you will procrastinate; you will easily give up; you will waste your time imagining “I wish I could be an author someday!”

In the 90-Day Writing Challenge, you will learn an Easy-to-Follow system in writing. It has worked for me and my other classmates. I was amazed at how the system made writing a book so easy. Being surrounded by like-minded authors is also very encouraging!

Sha Nacino is a prolific writer and a winning speaker. She is dubbed by Bro. Bo Sanchez as a wonder writer. She has written and published 8 books already; and I know another book is also on its way. She surely masters the system by heart! And oh, have I mentioned that she used to hate-ish writing? Numbers were her first love, that’s why she took a course in college that landed her a job for a bank. She learned the system and put it into practice. Now, she just wanted to bless other aspiring authors. How inspiring is that?

If you want to know more about the course, you can visit

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If I didn't join this course, perhaps I wouldn't be able to survive writing "How to Survive Mondays."


My National Bookstore Table

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"Frank, do you have a stapler? Do you have a staple-remover? Do you have a correction marker? Do you have bond paper? No, not this one, I want the A4-size paper! Do you have printer toner? The printer says toner is very low. What is the password of the copy machine? Why is there a password to this machine anyway?" Some people thought that my table was a one-stop shop and I was the custodian.

It was a bit late when I realized that having a desk near a printer and a photocopy machine could be stressful. 

Sometimes while concentrating on my tasks with a “do not disturb” look on my face, I would feel my monitor shake as if there were an earthquake. My desk was so close to the machines that people would accidentally elbow my monitor.

It was the busiest place in the office most of the time. Some would even stay there for a couple of minutes and chat as if it was a coffee lounge. 

Though I managed to ignore them most of the time, I still felt stressed out and distracted from my work. Sometimes I would find my desk littered with piles of crumpled paper. What was I, a garbage collector?

When the naughty side of me kicked in, I would hide the stapler in my drawer to try to show them that I was not a one-stop National Bookstore! Sometimes when the office became very noisy, I would take my laptop and work outside or in an empty conference room.

Stress is part of our jobs. Your boss can be a little too demanding, your direct reports can be stubborn or your co-workers can be self-centered and sometimes insensitive to your needs. The monotony of your job, the people around you, or even the physical environment can trigger your stress. Work and stress are inseparable.

Sometimes it’s not what you do that drains your energy. You cannot eliminate or control some of the things that cause you stress. But how you deal with them makes all the difference.

You need to give yourself a break from what causes you stress. Hide the stapler if that's what you need, unless you're the official stapler provider in your office. Don't take stress too seriously.

Let me know what you think and drop a comment below. I would be excited to see it.

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The Steamy Commute

Last summer I experienced what it was like to be inside an oven. It was only ten in the morning and I was already dripping wet with sweat. I could smell my cologne and it smelled like rotten seaweed. I could feel my underarms leaking profusely.

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Four people were tightly squeezed on each 3-seater row. There was skin-to-skin contact with the other passengers. Together we jumped from our seats as we rode along the bumpy roads which had been under construction for months. For a second I accidentally touched someone else's wet armpit. Of course, I was also generous enough to let my fellow passengers touch mine!

My aim was to be in the city to do some bank transactions, shopping and relaxing. While inside the van, I imagined being massaged. It was a placebo to temporarily forget the challenging 1-hour commute.

Another remedy I found effective was to plug myself in to my music. However, sometimes the driver would play loud Sunday music from his stereo, even though it wasn’t Sunday. Another option was to gaze out the window and enjoy the countryside. The sight of clouds, mountains and green fields is calming.

However, I was seated at the back row, my least favorite place inside the van, where the chance to enjoy the beautiful countryside was slim. So the only choice I had was to smile at my fellow passengers. That way I knew that I wasn't alone inside the oven. I found out that a weight shared by two or more people becomes lighter.

Commuting from our place to the nearest city can be quite a challenge.

Just like commuting, your job can have several unpleasant situations. Instead of complaining about the situation and dwelling on its unpleasantness, imagine what lies ahead of that journey. Remember that everything is simply part of your employment journey.

Whatever it takes, you have to do anything to keep your positive spirit and your sanity in good condition. Optimism is important to endure the inevitable bumpy side of life.

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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Save yourself from Trouble

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I was flying from Manila back to Cebu. Flying especially when seated next to a window at night is my most favourite. 23F was my number, next to the window! I was excited!
When I walked in the plane, a rugged man, probably few years older than me, was already sitting at 23F.

“That’s yours?” I asked.

“Mine is 23E. Can we just exchange seats?” he said.

I bartered my seat with him because I didn’t want to cause any trouble to all the passengers who were behind my back. As I was buckling myself in my seat, he murmured in disgust. He cursed and he complained about everything inside the aircraft.

“Why is it so hot in here?”
“Look at the ground crew,” he looked outside the window. “They are so slow!”

“Cebupac is the worst! Their magazines are old! Hays...”

No matter how I wanted to see the positive side of things, I was beginning to get drowned in the whirling pool of negativity.
“Why is he so annoying!”

“Why is his breathing so loud? It sounded like thunder!”

“I need peace during my travel! Is that too much to ask?”

While these thoughts were running in my head, a woman jumped on seat 23D, on my left. She was round and plump and she looked exhausted.
“Who wouldn’t be exhausted if you were carrying 2 huge hand-bags that looked like they were going to explode?”
Her face was colourful and glittery. Few strands of hair were sticking on her oily dark face. She had a scarf, a travelling pillow and a huge headphone wrapped around her neck. The scarf, the pillow and headphone all have zebra prints on them, matched with her skin-tight pants and shoes.
She must have gone from a themed party! Or a carnival!
“Hayzz!” she groaned as she threw herself on the seat. My seat vibrated with hers.
“Pig!” the man on my right whispered and giggled. I ignored him.
“This is going to be an exciting trip!” I groaned to myself.
It was a gruelling 1-hour travel.
On my right, a man was so contagious in his negative energy and was so loud in his breathing.
On my left, a woman was so loud in her chewing of bubble gum! And in every move she made, every part of her squeaked!
Why Lord! Why!
My brain hurt trying to understand the situation! I just couldn’t understand why they do what they do!
Looking inside myself, I asked myself “and why do I what I do? Why do I feel the way I feel?” And I realized that the questions I had for myself were just as difficult to understand as my question for my fellow passengers.
I was thinking, maybe I have mesophonia. I stumbled upon this term because I was hoping there must an explanation why specific sounds triggered me to punch someone in the face. Misophonia is a discrete and rarely diagnosed neuropsychiatric disorder, in which negative emotions are triggered by specific sounds, like nail picking, tapping on the table, scratching on the board, a person’s loud breathing, swallowing and chewing.

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It is common in the US. In fact, some people have killed because of Mesophonia. So, let’s just say I have mesophonia. However, in my country, the Philippines, when you tell people “I have misophonia,” they would tell you back “Hmmm, Arte Lang Yan!” I think somehow that is a good thing. Since we don’t want to be called “Arte lang yan,” we are forced to control ourselves. We save ourselves and the people around us from trouble.
What I’m trying to say is that, for me, a lot of things don’t need understanding. I see that a lot of problems and conflicts occur because we try to understand the things that don’t need understanding.
Human behaviours in general are hard to understand. We can’t understand why Muslims do the things they do. Why Chinese do the things they do. We can’t understand why some religious people, politicians, extremists do the things they do.
I can’t understand why the man on 23F was so negative and why his breathing was so loud. But maybe he had a bad day?
I don’t know why the woman on 23D was so squeaky and why she chewed her bubble gum noisily like a pig. Or maybe she was once a pig? Maybe she’s been bullied by people like the man on 23F and myself, who were easy to judge her.
Fight or flight! These are 2 things you could do when faced with an irritable situation. But sometimes, situations are just inescapable. You’re trapped.
Image Courtesy: ASMR Nightmare: misophonia - YouTube
To fight the stressor is not helpful. And sometimes, to let the stressor be aware of your feelings is not also helpful. When you’re trapped in that situation, instead of fighting against the stressor, it is better to fight our urge to cause a fight.
Each human being is complicated. To understand every complicated being will make you a God. And that is impossible.
For me, more important that to use our head to understand other people is to use our heart to RESPECT them. When we respect others, despite who and what their behaviours are, the same way we also show ourselves some respect that we all deserve.
May I ask, do you think you have mesophonia? Or probably arte lang yan! True or not, Aretha Franklin perfectly put it… R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me. RESPECT.

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Bloody Stock Market - Don't Panic, Be Guided

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“Should I withdraw all my money now?”

“What is going on with our economy it’s eating all my investment? What is P-Noy doing with all our investments?”

“Oh no! Everything is red! Is it Valentine’s Day already?”

These are some of the comments from Stock Market newbies in Facebook. I find reading these comments entertaining. I don’t intend to insult anyone. I am also a newbie. I consider myself a forever newbie in the stock market because it is not my fulltime job. Stock Market experts are those who spend much of their time in the market trading and analyzing, not just looking at their portfolios. If you spend much of your time looking at your portfolio getting excited when it’s green and getting suicidal when it’s red, then you are a newbie.

I don’t panic when I see blood in my portfolio because I am being guided. Truly Rich Club so far has been a great provider of helpful information about stock market investing. I highly suggest that newbies should also join.

There are so many free information in the internet, but I find some of them confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes, free information can also be costly. What TRC experts do is gather all those available information, analyze and synthesize them to become useful and relevant information that are easily understood by lay people.

As a sneak peek of what I learned from TRC, now while prices are low, it’s best to buy more shares. But I also learned that it’s still going even lower than it is today, so you might as well wait few more days when it’s at its lowest. It’s not the best time to sell and withdraw your money. By the way, P-Noy is not causing all the reds. And definitely it’s not Valentine’s Day yet!

There’s a reason to this bloody state of the market. You will have access to reliable information if you joined TRC.

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Employees' Canteen

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I try to see positive light in every situation I am in. It helps me protect my psyche from dwelling in the darkness of what most people are passionate about, complaining. Complaining sucks out all the light from a person who indulges in it. It makes him blind of the beauty from every situation he’s in.

Is there too much positivity? Is there a problem with too much light? I think there is.

Just as too much darkness is blinding, so is too much light. You won’t be able to see the different shades of things if you only choose to see everything in the light.

After spending time at the employees’ canteen as an auditor, I realized I have been blind about the canteen’s true shades.

“At least you have something to eat!” I would always tell myself. “Many people out there have nothing to eat, so you have to be thankful of what you have!”

Then it got me thinking… Do I have to accept the unsatisfactory situation just because a lot of people out there have nothing to eat? If I accept the situation, will it help those people? No and no.

We have a system in dealing with everything. But I guess we sometimes hide behind the trappings of what we call “system” to delay what really needs to be done. There is always a reason to delay the implementation of the right actions.

If the fume hood, air-con, or exhaust fan was broke, the only correct way of fixing it is to F-I-X it. Wow! That was a brilliant idea. But no! There is a system for that. Okay, we need to have it fixed by the system. But according to the system, 

1. there is no unit available
2. there is no manpower to fix the broken unit
3. to purchase the replacement will take forever
4. there is no budget
5. it is too expensive
6. it needs to be approved by the bosses
7. it takes months to have a budget approved
8. the approvers are not around
9. it is not at the top priority right now
10. and the list goes on and on

Wait! What is a system again? Is it a person who decides all these? Is it a divine entity that controls what needs to be done first? Is it supposed to be that difficult to make the system work? Or are we just imagining the existence of a system that works?

Okay, let’s go back a little bit with a simple scenario.

The fume hood broke 2 years ago. Then, there was a storm. Everyone poured his heart and soul to fixing the major wreckage of the storm. 2 years passed and the major fixes were almost complete. How was the fume hood? Still intact in its junk form! And why was it not fixed yet? I don’t know! Maybe because there is another major project that everyone was pouring his heart and soul to, again?

What am I trying to drive here, anyway?

I don’t know! Maybe I was just having a delusion that sometime in the future, an employees’ canteen will exist where I can eat my lunch without being soaked by my own sweat? And maybe a tidy place where I could eat with confidence that what I am eating won’t eat me back. And maybe a well-lighted place would be nice, too. I mean, is that too idealistic to ask?

Stock Market Investing has never been this Super Easy!

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Unlike before, investing in the Philippine Stock Market is within any person’s reach. I see a lot of people doing transactions using their smart phones. I do that, too.

I remember when I was in college I asked my professor about how to invest in the stock market. I heard he had stocks in Petron. I heard he was making a lot of money from it. But his response to me was spirit-crushing. “You can’t handle it. Just focus on your studies!” he said.

He was right; I should focus on my studies. But he could have at least given me some insights about it.

I understand it now. Investing in the stock market was harder before than it is now. Some books call it the traditional way of investing in the stock market. As an investor, you have to call your broker to transact – sell or buy shares.

Those days are gone. Maybe there are still baby boomers doing that kind of investing, but with the advent of technology and the internet, you can do it anywhere and anytime you like, as long as the market is open.

Now, it is easier to gain money from the stock market. Of course, it is also easier to lose money in the stock market these days. Stock Market is Scary! Because it is very much accessible, you easily get tempted to open it every minute, every second. Usually, this habit leads to impulse buying and impulse selling. NOTE: Don’t open your portfolio everysecond. Do something else productive.

I also noticed that there are so many TRULY generous people in the world. I wish I had stumbled upon them before, when I was in college. I would have been a millionaire now!

Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club has experts to help you and guide you in the stock market investing. Stock market can be scary, but there are ways to protect you from the stock market monsters. Yes there are monsters in the stock market! I will tell you about these monsters in the future.

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Stock Market is Scary

Stock Market can be scary. Before I submitted my application form, it took me hundreds of years to decide about it. Sorry for the exaggeration! 100 years = 1 year. I was scared to invest in the stock market. I read books, blogs and several articles about stock market investing. Then, I signed up for the Stock Market simulation at It was good because I got to play like a real deal. Still, it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t helping me as much as I had hoped. I got even more scared. My blood kept on running out of my nose for months! I was overwhelmed with so many stock market terms.

Then more scary stories were popping in my inbox.

“85% lose their money in the stock market!”

Stock market is like buying a lotto ticket!”

“The market is in crisis! It’s going down!”

It’s good that I knew about these “doomsday” types of articles. I became more curious!

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I have an 8-hour job. So, I don’t have the luxury of time to analyze everything in the stock market. It’s the full-time traders’ job. I let the experts do the nitty-gritty analysis. TrulyRichClub provides that.

Yes, stock market is scary because it’s confusing. It has plenty of terms and buttons to be familiar with.

Just think of it as a remote control. If you notice, remote controls have plenty of buttons. It’s confusing at first. Soon, you’d realize that you don’t really use most of the buttons of the remote control all the time to use the TV. You just have to figure out the Power button, the change channel, change button… and that’s it!

I’m not saying you should never study the stock market! Please, do study before investing. And it best to have good reliable guidance from experts. TrulyRichClub by Bo Sanchez has that.

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Favorite Quotes for New Students

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

"Learning is easy when you're having fun." Anonymous

"If you want improvements in your life. You must be willing to sacrifice the OLD for NEW. Know someone else. Be somewhere else. And do something else." Anonymous

"Don't hate Mondays, they stand for new beginnings." Anonymous

"Fresh thinking and new hope, new aspirations and new scope, keep smiling without any fear, to welcome the New School Year." Anonymous

"The School New Year is a time for new hopes, aspirations, dreams and wishes. I hope all of yours come true." Anonymous

"Open your eyes to a new world out there, waiting for you to come out and explore. Welcome this new morning with a smile and a determination to do something great." Anonymous

"Salute the past and give thanks for the lessons and experience it gave. Welcome the future and be ready for new challenges." Andrew Guzaldo

"A smile is the universal welcome." Max Eastman

"We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past, remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible." George Santayana

"Sunshine is a welcome thing. It brings a lot of brightness." Jimmie Davis

Odd News from Reuters - 3 March 2015

Reuters Election 2012 Daily round-up of the day's top news from the campaign trail, the White House and all the politics in between
South African doctors perform world's first penis transplant
CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South African doctors have successfully performed the world's first penis transplant on a 21-year-old man whose organ had been amputated three years ago after a botched circumcision.

Paper planes, parents help Indian pupils outsmart state exams
PATNA, India (Reuters) - Images of Indian students blatantly cheating on school-leaving examinations under the noses of supervisors have gone viral, inviting ridicule on Twitter and exposing flaws in the much-maligned education system of an impoverished eastern state.

California man fatally impaled on fence after falling from tree
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A California man who authorities believe had been drinking in a tree outside of his home was fatally impaled when he accidentally fell from its branches and landed on a spiked fence, police said on Wednesday.

No claws for alarm: 30,000 pounds of lobsters survive Maine crash
PORTLAND, Maine (Reuters) - Some 30,000 pounds (1.4 tons) of live lobsters from Canada survived for several hours after a truck carrying them slid off a highway in central Maine on Wednesday, but the crustaceans were quickly back on their way to New Hampshire and Rhode Island markets, police said.

Nevada lawmaker wants medical marijuana for pets
(Reuters) - A Nevada lawmaker proposed a bill in the state legislature on Tuesday that would grant ailing pets access to medical marijuana.

Thais warned against taking 'underboob selfies'
BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's military government warned women on Monday against posting 'selfie' photos of the lower half of their breasts - a social media trend that has gone viral - saying their actions could violate the country's computer crime laws.

Oregon woman sets herself on fire, crashes car, jumps off bridge - and lives
PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - An Oregon woman who set herself on fire while driving, crashed her car on an interstate and then jumped off a highway bridge to a park below, survived the ordeal and was being treated at Portland area hospital, police said on Friday.

Time stands still in Japan's village of scarecrows
NAGORO, Japan (Reuters) - Tsukimi Ayano made her first scarecrow 13 years ago to frighten off birds pecking at seeds in her garden. The life-sized straw doll resembled her father, so she made more. And then couldn't stop.