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I may have experienced being an emcee or a host of events and delivered speeches in front of hundreds of people quite a few times already, but I still haven't mastered recharging my energy in seconds. After every event, I always get inexplicably exhausted. Sometimes, my tears just fell from my eyes and I didn’t know why.

Then I met the term Introvert in Susan Caine's book Quiet. I realized I was not crazy and that many people also experience my weird experiences. Perhaps I was just experiencing other introverts were experiencing. I learned that I only needed me-time to get recharged.

I believe that me-time is not only for introverts. It is for everyone. When we become drained by work or any stressful activity, our souls seem to separate from our physical body. It is only during me-time that we can put them back together in harmony.

Me-time is a special time you allocate -- like a date with yourself. It is the time when you reconnect with your core values and listen to what your soul is telling you. Some use it to meditate, to pray, or to take a short walk. It doesn't matter, as long as your mind is focused on your inner voice, and not on the voice of the outside world.

Here are some of the me-time activities I enjoy doing, which you may also want to try:

1. Go to a Videoke bar alone and sing. Don't worry; I also love to go there with friends.

2. Do solo exercise like hiking, biking, or swimming. I also find that snorkeling is a great me-time activity. Just make sure you're not swimming in a shark-infested sea.

3. Enjoy the sunset. It is also a good me-time activity that allows you to appreciate the magnificent display of colors painted in the sky.

4. Pray and reflect. Me-time is also a good time to pray, which you can also do while at work.

5. Get disconnected for a while. While having me-time, it is best to disconnect from any devices and social media. Relax -- the world won’t collapse if you miss opening a couple of Facebook notifications. I used to open my Facebook every other minute because I thought that something would come up that urgently needed my attention. While I was writing this book, I tried to avoid Facebook for 24 hours, then 48 hours. When I opened my Facebook after that, there were 50 notifications telling me that someone liked or commented on my posts. But I was still fine. The world did not collapse.

6. Consider going to work 30 minutes earlier than everyone else. That way you will have ample time to sort your mind out. You will have a clearer view of how you want your day to unfold. You may not be able to control every external factor that comes along, but you will have a sense of being in control of what you can -- which is yourself.

7. Schedule me-time before or after work. Do what you enjoy doing -- like painting, writing blogs, reading books, taking photos, playing with kittens, watching movies alone, etc. It doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy what you're doing. Just let your mind drift away from the problems at work. 

During me-time, let go of any worries about work and just focus on your inner self. Listen to what your inner voice is saying.

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