Bloody Stock Market - Don't Panic, Be Guided

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“Should I withdraw all my money now?”

“What is going on with our economy it’s eating all my investment? What is P-Noy doing with all our investments?”

“Oh no! Everything is red! Is it Valentine’s Day already?”

These are some of the comments from Stock Market newbies in Facebook. I find reading these comments entertaining. I don’t intend to insult anyone. I am also a newbie. I consider myself a forever newbie in the stock market because it is not my fulltime job. Stock Market experts are those who spend much of their time in the market trading and analyzing, not just looking at their portfolios. If you spend much of your time looking at your portfolio getting excited when it’s green and getting suicidal when it’s red, then you are a newbie.

I don’t panic when I see blood in my portfolio because I am being guided. Truly Rich Club so far has been a great provider of helpful information about stock market investing. I highly suggest that newbies should also join.

There are so many free information in the internet, but I find some of them confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes, free information can also be costly. What TRC experts do is gather all those available information, analyze and synthesize them to become useful and relevant information that are easily understood by lay people.

As a sneak peek of what I learned from TRC, now while prices are low, it’s best to buy more shares. But I also learned that it’s still going even lower than it is today, so you might as well wait few more days when it’s at its lowest. It’s not the best time to sell and withdraw your money. By the way, P-Noy is not causing all the reds. And definitely it’s not Valentine’s Day yet!

There’s a reason to this bloody state of the market. You will have access to reliable information if you joined TRC.

Be guided by experts, join Truly Rich Club.

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