I Finished the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge and here’s why you (Aspiring Authors) should Join, too

Have you ever wanted to become an author? Then, you might consider joining the 90-day Writing Challenge of my mentor Sha Nacino. It’s worth it! Let me share with you my author story.

I had always wanted to be an author even before I knew how and why.

WE DIDN’T HAVE COLLECTION OF BOOKS AT HOME, except for the hardbound orange bible with colorful illustrations on its pages. I don’t remember seeing someone from the family ever read something, except for the Jai Alai ticket, which the old folks called Tip. Every day, that’s all they read. It’s got some numbers and drawings on it that they would analyze and guess what combination of 3 numbers would win the next day.

One day as I visited my classmate’s house, there flashed in my eyes a whole set of hard-bound encyclopedia that seemed like golden acorns. I was like that saber-tooth squirrel in the Ice Age movies that popped its eyes out of its socket after seeing a golden acorn. They were neatly piled on their shelves. I couldn’t get my eyes off of those treasures I saw. Out of selfish wish, I asked my father a set of encyclopedia as a present for my graduation in high school.  Of course, that didn’t happen! The dream of having my own encyclopedia in my own shelf remained a dream. I didn’t know encyclopedias would soon be extinct!

As a kid, I was fascinated with horror stories and stories about magic and fiction. Well, I was born and raised in the mystical island of Siquijor. When I got a job after college, the first thing I bought was a novel by Stephen King. The first fiction novel I ever read was Danielle Steel’s Full Circle, which took me 3 days to finish. The first non-fiction books that I adore were Bo Sanchez’s. I realized that words have magic. They brought me some crazy feelings. They brought me to tears. They inspired me.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH WRITING the moment I learned how to use a pen. We used to have a rusty typewriter at home. By just placing my fingers on its keyboard, imagining words coming out floating in the air, gave me a different kind of joy. Yes, I was Walter Mitty!

Whenever I couldn’t sleep, I would light a lamp and write until I would doze off with a pen in my hand. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night bugged by a nightmare, I write. Whenever I see something I like or don’t like, I write instead of talking about it. If I write about something that bothers me, it relieves the tension in my head without having to bother anyone but myself. Perhaps writing is what kept me sane all these years. By the way, composing a status in Facebook is also writing!

I WAS NEVER THE BEST WRITER since elementary, high school, and until college. My writing was never a favorite of teachers. I was even told that my writing was one-dimensional or all-over-the-place. I didn’t know what it meant, but it didn’t sound good. It hurt my feelings; I’m quite sensitive, you know! Still, I continue to write not to please other people, not even my teachers, who gave me unsatisfactory grades at least to my expectations. I write because it is the one thing that makes my heart jump of excitement. Writing sharpens my senses. It makes me ponder on a lot of things. And I think it's made me a better person, but sorry I don’t know how to prove that!

Again I ask You, have you ever wanted to write and become an author?

Yes I wanted to write and become an author… “BUT I’m too busy at work. BUT I have no time. BUT I’m not inspired. BUT I’m not really good at it. BUT my grammar sucks. BUT nobody likes my writing.” These were my excuses. I never ran out of BUTs.

My biggest dilemma before joining the 90-Day Writing Challenge was procrastination. When you don’t have a system in writing you will procrastinate; you will easily give up; you will waste your time imagining “I wish I could be an author someday!”

In the 90-Day Writing Challenge, you will learn an Easy-to-Follow system in writing. It has worked for me and my other classmates. I was amazed at how the system made writing a book so easy. Being surrounded by like-minded authors is also very encouraging!

Sha Nacino is a prolific writer and a winning speaker. She is dubbed by Bro. Bo Sanchez as a wonder writer. She has written and published 8 books already; and I know another book is also on its way. She surely masters the system by heart! And oh, have I mentioned that she used to hate-ish writing? Numbers were her first love, that’s why she took a course in college that landed her a job for a bank. She learned the system and put it into practice. Now, she just wanted to bless other aspiring authors. How inspiring is that?

If you want to know more about the course, you can visit www.shanacino.com/write.

By the way, the fruit of my 90-Day Book Writing Challenge is already in Amazon. I’m happy to share it with you.

If I didn't join this course, perhaps I wouldn't be able to survive writing "How to Survive Mondays."


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Alex Zeta said...

Congrats on your first published book frank! im looking forward to the hard copy :)