Toxic People - Remove them from your life

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I have accepted the fact that I don't have the best teeth in the world, not even in our small Barangay! As a kid, I was never a fan of dentists. I hated them!

The first time I visited a dentist I was trembling in fear. If it wasn't an employment requirement, I would not have dared to go to the clinic by myself. 

"We need to remove 4 of your teeth!" the dentist said joyfully, as if he was telling me to remove my socks.

"Is there any other option? Maybe you can repair them or something," I begged. Four teeth? They would never grow back!

"Yes, we can fill them, but they are so bad that if we do that, we might cause more harm to your other good teeth. The damage could be worse!"

What the dentist said made me realize that sometimes, you have to sacrifice the bad teeth to save the good ones. Removing them from your life might be excruciating, but in the long run, the pain would be worth it.

The same is true of your job. The bad teeth are those infectious colleagues who make you feel bad about yourself; those who give you a negative vibe; and those who always highlight your insecurities. If you stay with them for a long time, you will be in grave danger.

But I'm not saying you should always avoid everyone who gives you a pain in the neck! What if he's your boss? Avoiding him may not be healthy, unless you wish to resign to avoid him forever.

I once had a perfectionist boss who couldn’t tolerate even little mistakes. Every time he called me into his office I would clench my fists under the table. Later on, I realized that my reaction wasn’t toward his perfectionism. It was toward my own insatiable desire to do things perfectly. It was one of my bad teeth that I needed to remove.

The bad teeth in your job may not be as easy to remove as the bad teeth in your mouth. Aside from the people who become part of your life, the bad teeth could also be your vices, your attitude towards your job and your unhealthy habits.

If you feel you have bad teeth in your job that are not worth the effort you have to remove them from your life.

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