Unleashing Inherent Excellence!

by Mandhyan

Excellence is not a rigidly defined entity across space and time. It is not a measured standard or a set of capabilities in an individual or an organization. It is regarded as outstanding or very good. It is, in fact, a heady state of mind; an unyielding passion; an attitude; and a definitive choice people make to be as good as they can be, or even better. It is a stretch, a constant strive for perfection. Aristotle claimed it thus, “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.

The yearning to be outstanding and to do our best is inherent in all of us, just as excellence is a definitive choice, an attitude, and a state of mind.   Why inherent? It is inherent because the yearning is as natural as that of a bud opening to become a flower, an acorn stretching to become an oak tree, and the sun rising to shine at daybreak. We are born, we are alive, we have intelligence, and it is natural for us to want to grow, to improve, and to excel. Because we can think about, wish for, and dream of excelling, we can also achieve that state and that destiny.  We can conceptualize excellence, and the resources and strategies lay waiting within our systems to manifest that dream. The challenge is in releasing those hidden, conscious and unconscious resources and abilities within us and in deploying those strategies towards our dreams and chosen destinies.

Over time and space, there have been numerous technologies that have been designed and effectively developed to unleash excellence across organizations and in individuals. My recommendations are simple and have delivered successful results.

•           The process begins with not just working at but with deep, burning probing to obtain clarity about what it is we want exactly, and why.  From sheer reflex, most people respond with catch phrases like success, happiness, money, efficiency, increased market share, etc.  All of these responses are fine, but thoughtful precision and purified clarity are required. Over time, our wants and desires turn blurry and our ability to maintain clarity becomes dulled.  This is where external support with coaching and coaxing is needed.  A series of meetings in conversation with a qualified coach or consultant will help sharpen that ability and crystallize your dreams.

•           After obtaining clarity, a well-thought-out design and an action plan will be created. This fail-proof design must be doable and flexible in the face of constantly changing circumstances and market conditions.  In individuals, a code of discipline and personal commitment must be embedded in the design. In an organizational setting, the dream and the plan of action must have an alignment of values and a buy-in from all the players and stakeholders.

•           The final step for unleashing inherent excellence is to take deliberate, massive, and conscientious action every day and every moment. In a world that is in a constant state of flux, people tend to withdraw into their comfort zones and seek safety in a familiar but unmoving state. This generates lethargy leading to atrophy and thus, failure in achieving dreams of growth and excellence.  Unless we execute our plans and take action, no dreams or designs of success can come to fruition.  This step takes up the most energy and effort.  It is also the only area where ideas can be validated, measured, and improved to gain success and eventually, to move toward excellence and realize our destinies.

The desire to excel lurks within us and so does the power and capacity to achieve that state of excellence.  It is up to us to choose and begin to Unleash Excellence Inherent in us.
Let any doubt you may have in your inherent excellence evaporate in the clouds where this persistent seagull practiced and smashed through limits.

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”                              From the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach.

100 Table Topics by Loy Machedo (August 2013) Edition

Please feel free to use these topics for your Club Contest or Club Meetings.
Copy, Paste, Share – its all yours.
Also – if you want me to create any particular based Table Topics (any category) let me know.
Loy Machedo

  1. A Smart man gets married. A smarter man stays married. But the Smartest Man chooses to remain single.
  2. Action Based Video Games – Do you think they have a positive or negative impact on Children’s Mentality?
  3. A-Grade Students work under C-Grade Students – Why?
  4. Apple or Windows – Which one do you use and why?
  5. Are Models Intelligent people or are they just obsessed about physical beauty?
  6. Are you Hard to Read or Easy to Read? Tell us why.
  7. Beauty is not only Skin Deep. It is deeper. Comment.
  8. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Behind every Intelligent man there is who?
  9. Being a Parent is the most bitter pill everyone desires to swallow.
  10. Can we create our own destiny or are we actors on a play called life?
  11. Chicken or Egg. And why Did the Chicken Cross the Road. Why do you think it is always a Chicken and no other animal?
  12. Children are born Intelligent. When they grow up what makes them not-so-intelligent?
  13. Coke or Pepsi – Which one do you prefer and why?
  14. Do gain peace, sometimes we  need to go to war. Please comment.
  15. Even with so many books on Management, we haven’t seen any improvement in Management Policies. Why?
  16. Excess Advertising – Is it a waste of money or is it a good use of money for the Brand?
  17. Give us 5 ways over how you can improve your Intelligence
  18. Give us a brief history of your time.
  19. Give us one example where you have used your Head instead of your Heart.
  20. Give us one example where you have used your Heart instead of your Head.
  21. Give us one instance where you have failed to use your brain.
  22. Give us your views on Tattoos & Piercings.
  23. Given the rate of Technological progress – Do you think Writing with Paper and Pen is soon going to die out permanently?
  24. Hot Water Shower or Cold Water Shower – Which one would you recommend and why?
  25. How important is a Personal Brand? Share your thoughts with us.
  26. If you could bring one famous person in the world back to life – who would it be and why?
  27. If you could invent any thing – what would you invent or create?
  28. If you could study the mind of any famous person – who would it be and why?
  29. If your life could be summarized into a book with a title, tell us what would it be and what would the content and the main message be?
  30. Intelligence is over-rated
  31. Intelligence without Creativity or Creativity without Intelligence – which one would you prefer and why?
  32. International Speech, Humor, Evaluation or Table Topics – If you could get rid of one speech category – which you must, which one would you get rid of and why?
  33. International Speech, Humor, Evaluation or Table Topics – which among the lot is most important category for you and why?
  34. International Speech, Humor, Evaluation or Table Topics – which is the most difficult among the lot for you and why?
  35. Is it good or not good to ask someone else’s advice on your life?
  36. Is it possible to live in a world without politics?
  37. Ketchup or Mustard – which one do you prefer and why?
  38. Man is a creature of circumstance. Why do you think so?
  39. Money or Power – which one would you prefer and why?
  40. Our academic system values only one kind of intelligence – Agree / Disagree
  41. People have 2 ears to hear and one mouth to talk – But they seldom follow that strategy. Why?
  42. People in every generation talk about the ‘Good Old Day’s. Talk to us about it.
  43. Playing Video Games – Does it Improve your Brain Capacity or Destroy your Brain Capacity
  44. Scientists endorse the theory of Evolution and state man originated from a Monkey. What is your view on it?
  45. Should Tattoos and Piercings be allowed in the Corporate World?
  46. Steve Jobs or Bill Gates – Who do you admire more and why?
  47. Talk to us about a life changing episode in your life.
  48. Talk to us about an episode in your life where you have broken the rules and gotten away with it.
  49. Talk to us about one goal which you have had and achieved
  50. Talk to us about the most embarrassing song that you have on your MP3 Player which you wish no one would catch you listen to publicly
  51. Talk to us about the most happiest moment in your life.
  52. Talk to us about your biggest failure in life
  53. Talk to us about your favorite hang out joint.
  54. Talk to us about your favorite perfume and tell us something more about it
  55. Talk to us about your Value System.
  56. Talk to us when you were most depressed and how did you get out of depression.
  57. Tea or Coffee – Which one and why?
  58. Tell us about a dream of yours.
  59. Tell us about a Failed Funny Diet plan you have tried in your life time.
  60. Tell us about a Great Escape you just had
  61. Tell us about the worst movie you have ever watched
  62. Tell us one trait about you that we haven’t noticed but you would like to share.
  63. Tell us something about your weakness?
  64. Tell us the most intelligent decision you have made to date.
  65. Tell us what are your strengths?
  66. Tell us what did you do in these last 24 hours.
  67. The Mind can be your Friend or your Foe – Please comment.
  68. The sweetest voice ever heard – is our own. Please comment.
  69. We all hate Politics but we love involving ourselves in it – Please comment.
  70. We all need to keep fit. But we seldom keep fit. Why?
  71. What diet do you recommend to lose weight and why?
  72. What is favorite binge item?
  73. What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you over come it?
  74. What is the biggest problem we are facing on this planet. Tell us more about it
  75. What is the most embarrassing incident you have experienced this year?
  76. What is your stance on Cloning?
  77. What should be the permitted age for acquiring a drivers license?
  78. What should you do to become the smartest person in the world?
  79. When do you feel you are most intelligent – Morning, Afternoon or Evening?
  80. Which has been your favorite movie to date?
  81. Which is the Greatest Movie of all time. Why do you think so?
  82. Which organ of the Human body do you think is the most important to us Humans and why?
  83. Who is the Greatest Actor of all time? Why do you think so?
  84. Who is the Greatest Actress of all time? Why do you think so?
  85. Who is the one person who has contributed most to your life? Talk to us about that person.
  86. Who is your favorite actor and why?
  87. Who is your favorite actress and why?
  88. Why do the smartest people sometimes make the stupidest mistakes?
  89. Why do you believe Technology is a Boom to Mankind?
  90. Why do you believe Technology is a Curse to Mankind?
  91. Wrestling was removed as an Olympic sport this year. Do you think it should or shouldn’t be included as an Olympic Sport?
  92. You are 70 years old. Talk to us about how you spent your life.
  93. You are the Director of a Billion Dollar Movie. Tell us what this movie is about?
  94. You are the Director of the Traffic Rules Department. Give us some new rules that would enforce safe driving.
  95. You are the HR Director of a Multinational Company. Would you employ a Senior Manager who has tattoos on his body?
  96. You are walking on a dark street. Suddenly a guy takes a gun and stick it up on your face. Tell us what happens next?
  97. You can exchange your Brain for the Brain of any great legend in the world – Whose brain would you exchange your for?
  98. You have been asked by a Billionaire to choose any one single car in the world – all maintained and fully taken care off by him as his gift to you. Tell us which car would you choose and why?
  99. You have been awarded the most intelligent speaker award. Tell us why?
  100. You have to rush to the airport to catch your flight for an International Conference which you are the Main Personality to receive an award from the President of the Country. But suddenly you see on the road a man who is injured and needs to be taken to the hospital asap. What do you do?

A habit towards excellence...

Division I Governor Veronica Paclibar, DTM

Why would I want to spend a Saturday in Leyte considering it would mean waking up so early just to catch
the first morning vessel on its way to the port of Ormoc? Saturdays are usually spent lounging in bed more
than its usual time but what prods me to get out of its comfort? Surely it is not the 2-hour boat ride, nor the
extended hour’s drive to wherever the planned venue is.

Aside from being the home to Area 83’s three active Toastmasters Club namely Cancabato Bay TMC,
Carigara Bay TMC and Pillars TMC, Leyte is a welcome respite to the hurried city life of Cebu.

For three years now, each visit seems always a first trip. Starting with the yuppies of Pillars TMC, to the captivating cheerfulness of Carigara Toastmasters, to the fond welcome of Cancabato Toastmasters and not to forget the charming LGPF Toastmasters short-lived though the acquaintance, visiting Leyte, equates to coming home to the inspiring world of toastmasters. What magnetizes me to this area is the array of experiences and stories of different lives – from doctors, engineers, teachers, housewives, husbands, lawyers, nurses, city officials, corporate employees. Drawn to the common intention to better one’s self in the art of communication and leadership, I find it so amazing how Toastmasters brought these people together. I could not wait for the unfolding of another story, for the next experience that enlightens, for the
word that inspires.

With each visit, there is always something different. It’s heart-warming that newbies and veterans alike speak in front, volunteering if not willingly being volunteered by other else, ready to take a role when called for. Such step is what sets a true Toastmaster, a step toward excellence, a step to “semper ad meliora” – always towards better things.

As we embark on another toastmaster year, may Area 83 continue to ignite the passion to keep pursuing excellence not only individually but as well as encouraging fellow Toastmasters to step up. In toastmasters,
we embody that essence to be involved and to be involved means to allow ourselves to keep on practicing. As what Aristotle says, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”. Let’s make Toastmasters a habit to excellence.

Veronica Paclibar, DTM
Division I Governor

Ready to be inspired...

Area 83 Governor Franklin Vios, ACS,ALB

I get inspired a lot. I get inspired from so many different things. When I go to different places, I spend me-time to savor the wonders of various things that my senses would allow myself to feel. It’s ecstatic! It’s like my drug, though I’ve never tried real drugs. Promise! Except for Paracetamol, a little of Mefenamic Acid and some Antacid…. That’s just how I imagined drug-dependent people would feel.

When I go to the city, I get inspired by the structures of buildings, the displays in malls, and even the clothes mannequins wear. It’d make me want to bring them all back home. I am not a city boy but that has nothing to do with my inquisitiveness. The seams of new clothes remind me of hard work and its intricate details remind me of passion of those whoever made them. I don’t see the mall displays as they are because I believe there is something beyond what they seem to appear.

When I go to a place with green fields and trees, and with no other sound but the rushing of the waters and the whistling of the birds, it’d make me want to freeze the moment. In a world that can be a little too noisy sometimes, serenity is something that I need to refresh my senses. Perhaps, I’d go crazy without a dose of the countryside.

I get inspired with my dreams. And I dream a lot, both in my sleep and when I’m awake. Sometimes, they seem so real that when I wake up, I would flip my room up to find a pen and a paper to put everything in writing.

I get inspired by the people I met. And Toastmasters has opened the door for me to meet so many amazing people. It made me realize that there are still plenty of kindness and pure-heartedness left in the world. Thus, there is hope for a better tomorrow!

There are a lot of things in life I may not necessarily know. And I guess that’s a good thing! It’s how I get awed in amazement. That is how I get inspired. Because there are infinite things that I do not know, I definitely would never ran out of inspiration.

I may not know the secret key to be an excellent Area Governor, but I know I have big dreams. This year, all the clubs in Area 83 will be President’s Distinguished Clubs. This year, Area 83 will be President’s Distinguished Area. BIG dream, yes, but with the very enthusiastic team led by the 3 super-energetic Presidents plus the undying support from the Division and the District, anything is within our reach...

As this year’s Area 83 Governor, I am ready to be inspired!

Franklin Vios, ACS, ALB
Area 83 Governor

Message from Cancabato Bay Toastmasters Club President

Cancabato Bay Toastmasters Club President Anania Erroba

When I was elected as the new club president of Cancabato Bay Toastmasters, I was hesitant to take the role. I thought I don't deserve the position. I didn’t know how I would do it. I think it’s such a huge task for me to carry. Luckily, I have all the support of my fellow club members. They consistently encourage me that I deserve it, and that I can do it. Eventually, I started to believe in myself.

With the unfaltering support and enthusiasm of my fellow officers and all the members of Cancabato Bay
Toastmasters Club, I know we can make the club afloat and move towards excellence.

This is going to be a great year!

Anania Erroba, TM
Cancabato Bay Toastmasters Club

Message from Pillars Toastmasters Club President

Pillars TMC President Gil Martin Guape
Nelson Mandela once said that “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. The previous program year proves that everything is possible for Area 83 having all three clubs achieved the distinguished club award. It is with great pride that I congratulate all members of Area 83 for pushing our limits and believing in each other that we can achieve our goals by helping one another.

As we face another journey, let us not be contented of what we are now and continue to move forward towards excellence. Now that we are equipped and aware of the skills we have learned through Toastmasters, may we use it fully in ourselves, in our club, and in the community we belong. As oastmasters,
may we be instruments of good communication and leadership to the society.

Let us share the benefits we have enjoyed in Toastmasters to other people by inviting them in our club meetings. May we have the passion to develop new leaders by helping others form their new club and strengthen our relationship as one Area 83.

Success can’t be done alone without the help of our club officers, members, mentors, and ourselves. I thank everyone for the outstanding success and growth of our area. Let us continue to grow and excel Area 83. Let us not forget to Learn, Lead, and Laugh while we are in Toastmasters!

Congratulations Area 83!

Gil Martin A. Guape CC, CL
Pillars Toastmasters Club

Message from Carigara Bay Toastmasters Club President

Carigara Bay TMC President Teresita Dy, CC,CL

I thought I would know how I would feel when this moment came.It is so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is such an honor, quite humbling, a great responsibility, but an exciting opportunity for me to serve as a club officer, no less than the President of Carigara Bay Toastmasters Club. 2013-2014 will be
filled with chances for me to:
1. build teamwork skills
2. help members develop goals for improvement
3. facilitate individual success
4. instill members with enthusiasm, fidelity and a sense of responsibility
5. translate values and strategies into productive activities

2012-2013 has been a good year for the Carigara Bay TMC especially in its achieving the President’s Distinguished Club Award. The present success of our club would not have been possible without the leadership of our outgoing super President Efren C. Canillas, CC, CL and his team and the zest and enthusiasm of the members.

According to Henry Ford, “coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.” On this note, I would like to wish everyone a blessed, prosperous and a great year ahead.

Teresita L. Dy, CC,CL
President, Carigara Bay TMC

How far can a Toastmaster go?

Immediate Past District 75 Governor Grace Paras, DTM

Fellow toastmasters, as we celebrate another remarkable journey towards our dream of becoming effective Communicators and better leaders, we ask ourselves, how far can toastmasters go?

While only the mediocre die always at their best, Real leaders are always improving---and raising the bar on how superbly they can perform and how quickly they can move.

If like a good father of a family, we do our very best to take good care of our members, our clubs, and our areas by being available, visible and knowledgeable, being President’s Distinguished Area this year would be seamlessly achievable, right?

The ball is in your hands! As Ralph Waldo Emerson once exhorted... “What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Thank you for inspiring others to lead!

My fellow leaders, let us FULLY ENGAGE ourselves in whatever we do...

Cooperate and contribute in any way we can to help one another for then and only then , can we truly ENJOY our rewarding pursuit towards excellence!

Grace L. Paras, DTM
Immediate Past District Governor

“A meaningful THANK YOU..."

Immediate Past Division I Governor Rodel Rapista

“I” happens to be a selfish pronoun. It denotes singleness and being alone, but that’s not what Division I is all about. Division I means togetherness, teamwork and collaboration.

Toastmaster year 2012-2013 was such a success for Division I. The President’s Distinguished Division Award would not be possible without the great contributions from Area 83, which included the President’s Distinguished Club Award for Carigara Bay Toastmasters Club and Pillars Toastmasters Club and the Distinguished Club Award for Cancabato Bay Toastmasters Club. My simple yet meaningful “THANK YOU” is not enough to compensate the effort exerted by each member to this achievement. Together, we can reach the stars!

For this coming year, there’s no other way but to be better and achieve higher level than what we have now. With the new set of Division I and Area 83 leaders plus the very enthusiastic members, I believe we will attain what we desire with the help of our Almighty God.

Toastmaster Year 2013-2014, a year for a grander and stronger Area 83, Division I, District 75!

Rodel Rapista, ACS,ALB
Immediate Past Division I Governor

Area 83's Toastmaster of the Year 2012-2013

Toastmaster of the Year Elaine Gavero with her 3 grandchildren

Elaine Emperio Gavero, ACB,CL was awarded as Toastmaster of the Year for Area 83. She was also nominated for the same award for Division I. 

2012- 2013 Achievements:
- Implemented “bring a Friend“ Drive, with 12 total members
- Chairperson on Biringohay Fund Raising
- 1 + 1 Membership Recognition and Decal
- CC Certificate of Recognition and Pin. Dec. 6,2012
- CL Certificate of Recognition
- ACB Certificate of Recognition and Pin on June 22, 2013
- International Speech 1st Runner Up Area Level, 2013
- Resource speaker during Out Reach Program (Topics: Master the Ceremonies, Own the Audience, Mind Your Manners)

Member of California Maritime Academy Toastmasters Club
Delivered CC Speech Projects # 8 and 9
Member of Mare Island Toastmasters Club
Delivered CC Speech # t10
Awarded - Best Speaker
Best Table Topic (2 times)

She has invaded TMs in the US!
1. Attended Toastmasters District 57 Fall Conference 2012 in Vallejo , USA

*Proxy for CMA President. - Participated in the Business Meeting and a Voting Delegate
*Proxy for CMA VP Membership. -Hands on training on Speech Competition Mechanics ; Stand-by Alternate Contest Judge

2. Attended Craig Harrison Workshop.
- Expression of Excellence CMA Nov. 4, 2012
*Mentored by DTM Dana LaMon. - Master the Ceremonies CMA Nov. 4, 2012

Area 83 Sets to Move towards Excellence

Area 83 Toastmasters with Division/District Officers

August 10 was memorable for the 3 Toastmasters Clubs of Area 83. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the first round of officers' training was conducted by the able district and division officers. District 75 Lieutenant Governor for Marketing Aristides Archie, ACS, CL headed the training. He discussed about the latest educational and membership perks of the district. Most of the toastmasters members in attendance, if not all, are already passionate about delivering speeches and recruiting new members. And with Lt. Gov. Boy Archie's presentation, the members seemed to be even more motivated to hit the goal.

Though the training concluded past midday, it was worth it. The training session was very fruitful.

Among the presenters were Division I Governor Veronica Paclibar, DTM; Immediate Past Division I Governor Rodel Rapista, ACS, ALB; Past Division I Governor Eunice Ledesma, DTM; Area 81 Governor Delia Suplig, ACB,ALB; Area 83 Governor Franklin Vios, ACS,ALB; and MEZ-1 Toastmasters Club President Alpha Mae Del Mar, ACB,CL.

In the afternoon, after being installed and charged in position, the new sets of officers took oath.

The above photo shows the aftermath.

Working Plan for the Aug 10 Joint Installation (Revised June 20, 2013)

Hello Fellow Toastmasters of Area 83, please spare a few seconds to view this draft. Click the image to enlarge. For suggestions, please leave a comment below:


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