The Steamy Commute

Last summer I experienced what it was like to be inside an oven. It was only ten in the morning and I was already dripping wet with sweat. I could smell my cologne and it smelled like rotten seaweed. I could feel my underarms leaking profusely.

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Four people were tightly squeezed on each 3-seater row. There was skin-to-skin contact with the other passengers. Together we jumped from our seats as we rode along the bumpy roads which had been under construction for months. For a second I accidentally touched someone else's wet armpit. Of course, I was also generous enough to let my fellow passengers touch mine!

My aim was to be in the city to do some bank transactions, shopping and relaxing. While inside the van, I imagined being massaged. It was a placebo to temporarily forget the challenging 1-hour commute.

Another remedy I found effective was to plug myself in to my music. However, sometimes the driver would play loud Sunday music from his stereo, even though it wasn’t Sunday. Another option was to gaze out the window and enjoy the countryside. The sight of clouds, mountains and green fields is calming.

However, I was seated at the back row, my least favorite place inside the van, where the chance to enjoy the beautiful countryside was slim. So the only choice I had was to smile at my fellow passengers. That way I knew that I wasn't alone inside the oven. I found out that a weight shared by two or more people becomes lighter.

Commuting from our place to the nearest city can be quite a challenge.

Just like commuting, your job can have several unpleasant situations. Instead of complaining about the situation and dwelling on its unpleasantness, imagine what lies ahead of that journey. Remember that everything is simply part of your employment journey.

Whatever it takes, you have to do anything to keep your positive spirit and your sanity in good condition. Optimism is important to endure the inevitable bumpy side of life.

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