My National Bookstore Table

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"Frank, do you have a stapler? Do you have a staple-remover? Do you have a correction marker? Do you have bond paper? No, not this one, I want the A4-size paper! Do you have printer toner? The printer says toner is very low. What is the password of the copy machine? Why is there a password to this machine anyway?" Some people thought that my table was a one-stop shop and I was the custodian.

It was a bit late when I realized that having a desk near a printer and a photocopy machine could be stressful. 

Sometimes while concentrating on my tasks with a “do not disturb” look on my face, I would feel my monitor shake as if there were an earthquake. My desk was so close to the machines that people would accidentally elbow my monitor.

It was the busiest place in the office most of the time. Some would even stay there for a couple of minutes and chat as if it was a coffee lounge. 

Though I managed to ignore them most of the time, I still felt stressed out and distracted from my work. Sometimes I would find my desk littered with piles of crumpled paper. What was I, a garbage collector?

When the naughty side of me kicked in, I would hide the stapler in my drawer to try to show them that I was not a one-stop National Bookstore! Sometimes when the office became very noisy, I would take my laptop and work outside or in an empty conference room.

Stress is part of our jobs. Your boss can be a little too demanding, your direct reports can be stubborn or your co-workers can be self-centered and sometimes insensitive to your needs. The monotony of your job, the people around you, or even the physical environment can trigger your stress. Work and stress are inseparable.

Sometimes it’s not what you do that drains your energy. You cannot eliminate or control some of the things that cause you stress. But how you deal with them makes all the difference.

You need to give yourself a break from what causes you stress. Hide the stapler if that's what you need, unless you're the official stapler provider in your office. Don't take stress too seriously.

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