The Pre-History of How I came into Being

This was my Basic Speech #1 for the Round 2 CC Journey.

According to an American reformer, Henry Ward Beecher, Tears are often the telescope by which men see far into heaven.

Good evening fellow Toastmasters!

There was once a very young boy, who’s fond of disco. He was 5 feet tall, then, until now, actually. Every night, whenever, wherever there was disco, he was always present. After all, he was a disco apprentice. By the way, a disco apprentice was someone who would assist in the setting up of the disco lights and sounds, while the owner of the local disco system happens to be his uncle.
At a very young age, he knew he found his passion and the true meaning of his life. At a very young age, he also found his true love – Lorena. His life revolved around Lorena. Every day, every night, every dream, his brain was filled with nothing but Lorena, and of course disco!

Then one day, everything was changed. Beyond unconceivable reasons ever known to his young mind, Lorena went away. While she was enjoying her freedom, he was left broken-hearted. The only words that kept ringing in his head were “I don’t like you anymore. I’m tired of this relationship. I’m tired of looking at your handsome face.”

For days, even weeks, he couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep, not because of disco! But because his growling pain was louder than that of this heartbeat. He’s lost his appetite in everything. He’s never left his room. Actually, it was his parents’ room. For weeks, he cried an ocean of tears.

Without Lorena, his life had no meaning. How could she do such a horrible thing to such an adorable boy! She was his everything. How could she ever break this poor boy’s heart! Now his life was ruined! And he was16 years old!

One day, a friend came to his house. “Get out of here, you filthy loser! Let’s go to the beach. I have a new friend. She’s waiting outside.”

After long hours of dragging him out of this stinky bed, he finally agreed to face the world anew. The boy felt a sudden spark of excitement that day. He didn’t know exactly why! When he stepped out of the door, his world suddenly stopped. For the first time in his life, he saw an angel extending her arms as they were being introduced by his friend.

His friend’s visitor friend was there, waiting to grab his hand. As their hands touched, everything was changed. The world around him seemed to freeze at the moment. Birds were chirping happy songs. Clouds were paving ways for the sunrays. It was magical! It was like in fairytale’s true love’s kiss, though in his case, it was true love’s touch!

Right there and the, he knew was that she was the real one!

Weeks had passed she was scheduled to go back to her hometown. If it happened today, he would simply tell her, “See you in Facebook. Or don’t forget to text me, okay?” But since there were no celphone and Facebook those days, and sending letter takes impatient months, so right there and then he proposed to her.

“Are you kidding? We’ve only dated for weeks?” she said. But of course, she was hoping also that he would go with her in her hometown. Before the vacation, she too was heart-broken. So, having a boy on her arms would be a vengeance to her ex.

So, she went back home with a new boy in her arm. With their magical love for each other, they were inseparable. In March of 1983, they got married. She was 22. He was 16!

July 25, the following year, a magical boy was born. Someone once said that every first born child is a product of love. The second is the product of a habit. The third is the product of a bad habit.

So, as the first born son, he shall be named to emblazon their love for each other. Frank and Elin, thus lo and behold, the boy’s name is magical. If and only if, Frank and Lorena did not break up, I couldn't imagine what name they would have given me!

Destiny brought 2 broken hearts together! If not for the tears they both shed in their failed relationships, there wouldn't be me, a magical concoction of both their pain and love!

And that’s the pre-history of how I came to being!