Ready to be inspired...

Area 83 Governor Franklin Vios, ACS,ALB

I get inspired a lot. I get inspired from so many different things. When I go to different places, I spend me-time to savor the wonders of various things that my senses would allow myself to feel. It’s ecstatic! It’s like my drug, though I’ve never tried real drugs. Promise! Except for Paracetamol, a little of Mefenamic Acid and some Antacid…. That’s just how I imagined drug-dependent people would feel.

When I go to the city, I get inspired by the structures of buildings, the displays in malls, and even the clothes mannequins wear. It’d make me want to bring them all back home. I am not a city boy but that has nothing to do with my inquisitiveness. The seams of new clothes remind me of hard work and its intricate details remind me of passion of those whoever made them. I don’t see the mall displays as they are because I believe there is something beyond what they seem to appear.

When I go to a place with green fields and trees, and with no other sound but the rushing of the waters and the whistling of the birds, it’d make me want to freeze the moment. In a world that can be a little too noisy sometimes, serenity is something that I need to refresh my senses. Perhaps, I’d go crazy without a dose of the countryside.

I get inspired with my dreams. And I dream a lot, both in my sleep and when I’m awake. Sometimes, they seem so real that when I wake up, I would flip my room up to find a pen and a paper to put everything in writing.

I get inspired by the people I met. And Toastmasters has opened the door for me to meet so many amazing people. It made me realize that there are still plenty of kindness and pure-heartedness left in the world. Thus, there is hope for a better tomorrow!

There are a lot of things in life I may not necessarily know. And I guess that’s a good thing! It’s how I get awed in amazement. That is how I get inspired. Because there are infinite things that I do not know, I definitely would never ran out of inspiration.

I may not know the secret key to be an excellent Area Governor, but I know I have big dreams. This year, all the clubs in Area 83 will be President’s Distinguished Clubs. This year, Area 83 will be President’s Distinguished Area. BIG dream, yes, but with the very enthusiastic team led by the 3 super-energetic Presidents plus the undying support from the Division and the District, anything is within our reach...

As this year’s Area 83 Governor, I am ready to be inspired!

Franklin Vios, ACS, ALB
Area 83 Governor

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