A habit towards excellence...

Division I Governor Veronica Paclibar, DTM

Why would I want to spend a Saturday in Leyte considering it would mean waking up so early just to catch
the first morning vessel on its way to the port of Ormoc? Saturdays are usually spent lounging in bed more
than its usual time but what prods me to get out of its comfort? Surely it is not the 2-hour boat ride, nor the
extended hour’s drive to wherever the planned venue is.

Aside from being the home to Area 83’s three active Toastmasters Club namely Cancabato Bay TMC,
Carigara Bay TMC and Pillars TMC, Leyte is a welcome respite to the hurried city life of Cebu.

For three years now, each visit seems always a first trip. Starting with the yuppies of Pillars TMC, to the captivating cheerfulness of Carigara Toastmasters, to the fond welcome of Cancabato Toastmasters and not to forget the charming LGPF Toastmasters short-lived though the acquaintance, visiting Leyte, equates to coming home to the inspiring world of toastmasters. What magnetizes me to this area is the array of experiences and stories of different lives – from doctors, engineers, teachers, housewives, husbands, lawyers, nurses, city officials, corporate employees. Drawn to the common intention to better one’s self in the art of communication and leadership, I find it so amazing how Toastmasters brought these people together. I could not wait for the unfolding of another story, for the next experience that enlightens, for the
word that inspires.

With each visit, there is always something different. It’s heart-warming that newbies and veterans alike speak in front, volunteering if not willingly being volunteered by other else, ready to take a role when called for. Such step is what sets a true Toastmaster, a step toward excellence, a step to “semper ad meliora” – always towards better things.

As we embark on another toastmaster year, may Area 83 continue to ignite the passion to keep pursuing excellence not only individually but as well as encouraging fellow Toastmasters to step up. In toastmasters,
we embody that essence to be involved and to be involved means to allow ourselves to keep on practicing. As what Aristotle says, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”. Let’s make Toastmasters a habit to excellence.

Veronica Paclibar, DTM
Division I Governor

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