“A meaningful THANK YOU..."

Immediate Past Division I Governor Rodel Rapista

“I” happens to be a selfish pronoun. It denotes singleness and being alone, but that’s not what Division I is all about. Division I means togetherness, teamwork and collaboration.

Toastmaster year 2012-2013 was such a success for Division I. The President’s Distinguished Division Award would not be possible without the great contributions from Area 83, which included the President’s Distinguished Club Award for Carigara Bay Toastmasters Club and Pillars Toastmasters Club and the Distinguished Club Award for Cancabato Bay Toastmasters Club. My simple yet meaningful “THANK YOU” is not enough to compensate the effort exerted by each member to this achievement. Together, we can reach the stars!

For this coming year, there’s no other way but to be better and achieve higher level than what we have now. With the new set of Division I and Area 83 leaders plus the very enthusiastic members, I believe we will attain what we desire with the help of our Almighty God.

Toastmaster Year 2013-2014, a year for a grander and stronger Area 83, Division I, District 75!

Rodel Rapista, ACS,ALB
Immediate Past Division I Governor

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