Leadership and Commitment - Chapter II


Commitment is a component to the success of a team. I have learned that a parachute company has improved their performance because of the individual commitment of each of the parachute folders. The folders not only fold the parachutes, they also test its quality by jumping from the plane wearing the parachute they were assigned to fold.

The folders must have to make sure they fold the parachutes perfectly or else they would experience accidents. When we are at stake, we have no other choice but to make the best quality of things we can do.

A simple illustration of commitment is the story of three friends – the Cow, the Chicken and the Pig! They have to make a breakfast for their school project. The cow decided to donate some milk and the chicken some eggs. Since the pork can neither produce milk nor eggs, he has to cut his leg to donate his meat to make some bacon. Of the three friends, the pig is the most committed!

Commitment is also like that of the experience of the pig. That is what I have experienced when I try to live up to what I had promised myself to support the finances of my siblingsin college. I didn’t have to do it but I wanted to. I was not easy. Commitment can be excruciating but in the end it is rewarding.

When I think of commitment, the first thing that comes to mind is D-I-E-T. I know some people who wanted to lose some weight through diet. They declare “I want to lose 5 pounds,” in the most creative way. Some included it in their new year’s resolutions. What happens is that a week later, they get tired of dieting. They just stop! I believe the main reason a lot of people fail in their diet is their lack of commitment.

To sum up the meaning of commitment, let me expound it as D-I-E-T.


Commitment is dedication. If your team is given a task, you have to give your full dedication to finish it on time and with desirable quality. You have to persevere to fulfill it. Just like in marriage vows “for richer or poorer, in sickness and health,” your dedication must be consistent regardless of circumstances.


When you commit yourself to your team, you invest time, effort and resources for them. In some ways, you invest something to achieve a goal.

My sister who is an elementary teacher, being a fresh graduate had once asked me allowance to decorate her room. She explained that it is not part of the school’s budget, so she has to get from her own pocket to make her room pleasantly looking. To make her room look more presentable, she had to invest some money to buy the materials. She also had to render unpaid overtime to put the decorations.

When you invest yourself in a cause, you even sometimes invest physically, mentally and emotionally.


When you commit yourself to a group, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. You share to them your own values and the same time, you absorb the values of your team members. If as a leader you exhibit the willingness to sacrifice for the team’s sake, some, if not all of the members will also be willing to sacrifice themselves for you.


You team will flourish if there is a sense of togetherness among its members. The more people are committed, the better and stronger the team will become. Commitment is required not only from 1 or 2 members of the team, but it should be from each of the members. 

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