Speaking of Public Speaking in front of Public Speaking Experts

“Hello?” I timidly answered the unregistered caller. It was Sunday and I was heading to church that time.

“Can you do me a favor?” the woman on the other line asked. The warmth of her voice sounded familiar. It was Ma’am Dorcas Mejia.

“Sure! What is it?” I recklessly answered. I know I shouldn't have said that right away, but I knew (or I assumed) she wouldn't ask me something I couldn't give.

“Can you prepare a presentation about the Do’s and Don’ts in Public Speaking? This is for the 3-day seminar workshop on public speaking. There will be around 600 participants, including principals, potential emcees and English Teachers from the whole Division of Leyte.”

Seriously? Me? She wanted me to speak in front of some experienced public speakers? Didn't she know that I am an Engineering graduate and she wanted me to talk about public speaking in front of people who are way more experienced and more knowledgeable about the topic than I am?

How will I handle such an ordeal, standing in front of some piercing eyes ready to devour a feeble creature like me, who’s a newbie in public speaking? Didn't she know that Filipinos, especially English teachers are grammar Nazis?
In short, I panicked. I didn't even listen to the rest of what she was saying.

Fast forward.

The judgment day came!

It turned out to be fine and fun. Actually, the experience was more than just fine. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it. 

And I learned a lot from the experience!

I realized that even Nazis are a bit forgiving.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the participants for allowing me to share one of the things I am passionate about, public speaking. What I shared to them was so little compared to what I have learned from them.

I’m so thankful that God allowed my Toastmasters journey to come across some wonderful and inspiring people. Thank you to the brain and muscle of the event, Ma'am Dorcas Mejia. Thank you to Sir Juan Mitra for the trust. I think he kinda’ trusts me somehow because he invited me again to speak during their leadership training with students. Thank you to Gov Linda Lagera for the affirmation of my growth as a speaker. Thank you to Gov Doc Efren Canillas for allowing me to be part of your team. Thank you to Ma’am Ellaine Gavero for making me feel like your favorite grandson. Thank you also to Ms. Glendale, Mr. Macky and Madame Joyce for the warmth of your company. By the way, whoever prepared my introduction, kudos! That was so lovely. It made me sound and look worth-listening. My liver inflated! (Nibukad akong atay!)

For the transcripts of my presentation just click the below links:

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