Practical Public Speaking tips – Don’t IGNORE!

Like in everything else in life, errors and mistakes are part of our public speaking journey. We can’t totally eradicate them because it is always part of the learning process. Learning process is a never-ending cycle. It is part of growing. The journey of public speaking is never-ending cycle.
Though errors are part of our journey, it doesn’t mean we should just ignore them. We also have to be aware and learn from them.

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Don’t IGNORE when doing public speaking.

I stands for Insensitive. Don’t be Insensitive! Topics related to religion, ethnic groups and politics can be sensitive. Make sure you don’t offend any of the members of these affiliations. Don’t make fun of the senior citizens, the LGBT and other members of any group, unless you’re one of them. Just don’t embarrass anyone.

G stands for Gossip. Whether you’re off or on the microphone, just don’t gossip. It is when you talk ill of someone who is not present. It is simply not a good habit. Gossiping is wrong use of communication. It defiles the real purpose of communication. Communication is supposed to empower others, to inspire others, to inform others. Gossiping has become a favourite pastime of most people. You must already know that the person you’re gossiping with will later on be gossiping about you. It’s just a never-ending cycle. If you got addicted to it, just please break that habit before it breaks you.

N stands for negetive. Don't be negetive. 
When you're on stage or in front of other people speaking, you are also emitting some energy to them. Your energy becomes contagious, especially when it is negative energy you are emitting. Opposite attracts and people are born positive, so with your negative energy on stage, you infect the audience.

O stands for OA. Don’t be over-acting. Do not say sorry all the time, don’t apologize. When you missed something, just let it go. Don’t over-emphasize, wherein you pronounce each word you say with emphasis. Emphasize only those that need emphasis.

R stands for Rain on my Parade. Don’t rain on my parade. If there are petty problems behind the backstage, don’t announce it to the public. The audience does not have to know every little problem in the area. Unless it’s emergency like there’s fire, the best thing you can do if you noticed some problems is to call the attention of the organizer and let him/her fix it. Just don’t ruin the moment of the audience.

E stands for Excuses. Don’t make excuses. If something is wrong, just find a way to fix it rather than to blame it to others. When you’re in front, whatever situation you have that seduces you to back out, just don’t succumb to it. Just present your best self in the moment as if nothing is wrong.

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