My Dates on Valentine’s Day 2015

It’s not a typo error! It’s with an S. 

Take note, it wasn’t a group date either. 

It was just one of a kind.

On February 14th, I spent my whole day at Leyte National High School in Leyte, Leyte. I was invited to be part of a seminar on public speaking. English teachers and student teachers were our participants.

It was no less than a Valentine’s date with a crowd so lovely and energetic. There was love in the air! With Doc Efren’s toast and the crowd’s cheering aka coercion, a married couple in the audience displayed their affection to each other through a hug and a smooch.

On a typical date, you only order a simple food because you have to impress your partner that you are a “cute” eater. My one of a kind date had buffet! That you to Ma’am Espina, the School Principal!

The scenery outside the venue was like breathing pictures of the nature's grandeur behind some haunting remnants of the tragic Haiyan typhoon. Some buildings were still bent, like figures of a tortured helpless creature, while the green rice fields were alive and they seemed to laugh and dance in the rain celebrating a brighter future.

Like the beauty of their school, I admire the teachers’ desire to become better in public speaking.

I never thought my Valentine’s Day this year could be so special.

I found love in Leyte, Leyte!

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