Happy Ending is a Hoax

I think happy ending is a hoax. It does not exist! Life continues wherever you go. Life has no ending. Even if we die, I think life in general continues. Some people chase their happy endings. They believe that after going through all the topsy-turvy roads, there is an ending out there, where they can be happy. They persist through everything to get to that ultimate happiness.
On my recent commute during Christmas break, I experienced an event that tested my happiness principle. Everyone knows that a 5-hour bus travel can be challenging. The scourging sun can become unfriendly! It burns your precious skin and it makes everything sweaty and sticky. Dusts are everywhere. You know what lurks behind the invisible shadows of dusts. They are the microorganisms that seem harmless but when allowed to get into your system could eat you to the bones alive! Travelling by commute presents so many inconvenient situations, where you can become grumpy.

Two of my fellow commuters in the bus must have succumbed to the stressful situation we were in. At the start of the travel, they were already complaining about a lot of things.

“The driver does not know how to drive! He does not know how to use the break. I almost hit my nose on the back seat.”

“The bus design is awful! Seats are very tight and have no space. I hit my knees everywhere I move.”

Then, it began to rain. Everyone rushed to close the windows. Four of the windows were stuck. And one of the windows was closest to my seat. As I tried to force the latch to close the window, I could feel the cold water slowly crawling under my shirt, then to my jeans… down to my shoes! It’s as if it was frisking inch by inch my sensitive nerves. It was tickly! It was enjoyable, too, I had no choice. I saw the other wet passengers flashing their smiles. The scene was simply amusing!

On the contrary, the two grumpy men were already shouting at the top of their lungs, spitting all the curses they could think of.

While everyone else was enjoying, I wondered why those two men were so grumpy. We were all in the same situation, but how we see the situation was all that made the difference.

I guess it’s just a matter of perspective, on how we see things. If you see rain as something that’s irritating, then, it will be! But if you consider rain as a blessing, as something wonderful, even if you get soaking wet, you will be amused with it.

As adults, we know how the rain is formed. So, we just ignore it. And we have other “more important matters” to fix our minds to - like arriving in our destination safe and dry! I think it pays to once in a while see things from a child’s eyes. That way, you’d be amazed at how the pouring water appeared from nowhere. You will see rain as a miracle.

Perhaps, if you chase happiness on a day-to-day basis, from a child’s perspective, you will see things full of wonders. When you appreciate the simple wonders of life, like the rain, you will find happiness even at the least favourable situation. Thus, you will forever be happy! No ending!

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