Mama, I Forgive You - What the book is all about and what it's not?

Hello Friends!

If you've read my first book "How to Survive Mondays," you might find my second book quite heavy and a bit dramatic. Just a bit! Promise!

The title of my second book is "Mama, I Forgive You." I know, it's too risky to share such personal journey to the public. Believe me, even before I submitted the manuscript to the editor, I still hesitated. What's the point of sharing your story to the public? What's there to learn about your story? What’s the point in healing from the wounds of the past? Nobody cares about your journey of healing! That’s why your mother abandoned you in the first place. I know! My worse de-motivator is my own mind

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At first, I wanted to write a memoir. Halfway through writing it, I feared it might not serve its intended purpose. It might be misinterpreted as something to seek revenge for the past or portray myself a victim.

Though some sections of the book have a dramatic flair, my intention is to explore the past events from an observer’s point of view. Through this book, I wish to travel back down the memory lane, to understand what happened, and to explore my whole journey towards forgiveness. I wish to share the lessons I learned with others: the ultimate purpose in life is to make your life mess a message.

This book does not provide an absolute guide. I don’t think such books exist. What may work for one person may not work for another. The guides in this book are not fool-proof. In fact they are solely based on my personal experiences. I share them with the hope that there is one soul who could relate to it and apply the guides presented.

If you are a parent who thinks that your children are complicated, then this book is for you. 

If you are a child whose parents are complicated, then this book is for you also.

In the process of writing this book, I discovered a lot of things I did not see before.

Sometimes, knowing that you are not alone in your trials can be more helpful than receiving advice.

That is what I wish to achieve in this book.

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Mr. Nice Guy 3D said...

Wow! I am so proud of you Franklin E. Vios.

Roma Claudia Teleron said...

Heart-warming. I have to admit I amost cried on some parts. Proud of you, Frank!
P.S. Acknowledgment is the best part.❤️