1 -        The competition is open to all SiquiSci Alumni only. It is expected to have a maximum of 15 participants.

                 2 -        Each batch can only send one representative.

                 3 -        Presentation can be done in solo or group.

                 4 -       Maximum performance time is 10 minutes but not less than 4 minutes. Time starts upon entry and ends immediately after the performer exits the designated performance area.

                 5 -       Performer(s) may sing, dance, perform a magic trick and stunt or anything under the sun provided that the overall presentation and choreography abide the following rules:

a)      It must be wholesome, clean and done in good taste.

b)      Explicit vulgarity in music, costume, and dance steps are not allowed.

c)       Sexually suggestive, derogatory costumes and anything that will put the school in bad light will not be allowed.

                 6 -      Should the participants use any props, they are responsible for their own set-up and retrieval. No materials must be left on the floor after the performance.

                 7 -       There will be 3 judges from the faculty of SiquiSci. Their identity will be revealed on the date of presentation. Judges will not be allowed to train or choreograph any of the competing performers. The decision of the judges shall be final and non-appealable.

                 8 -        Criteria for judging:

a)      Choreography                                                           30%

b)      Execution                                                                    30%

c)       Wow factor                                                                 30%

d)      Over-all impact                                                         10%

                 9 -        Prizes shall be as follows:

a)      First prize                                    Php 3,000.00

b)      Second prize                              Php 2,000.00

c)       Third prize                                   Php 1,000.00

d)      Consolation                                                Php 500.00 per participant

             10 -        Prior to the contest proper, the participating batch shall submit to the committee the following information (thru email, FB message or SMS) on or before March 15, 2016. This is to ensure that each batch is well-represented.

a)      Batch number (year graduated)

b)      Type of presentation (singing, dancing, etc.)

c)       Number of participants

             11 -            Important Legal Information:

·         The judges shall have the sole authority and discretion to select the winners.

·         By registering, all participants agree to let the SiquiSci Got Talent Committee and its subcommittees use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.

·         Each contestant shall indemnify, defend, and uphold SiquiSci and/or the SiquiSci Got Talent Committee free and harmless from any acts or omissions, damage, injury, claims or third party claims arising from or related to the contestant’s participation in the contest.

For questions relating to the contest, you may contact Franklin Vios (09273610506) or or



Date: April 2, 2016


                    I.            Declaration of event, Call to order and special Announcements

                  II.            Invocation

a)      Prayer

b)      National Anthem

c)       School’s Hym (if any) / Siquijor Island March (if required)

                III.            Recognition of Guests and School’s dignitaries

                IV.            Announcement of Contest Rules, Guidelines and Criteria for Judging

                  V.            Introduction of Judges

                VI.            Contest Proper

a)      The order of presentation is by draw lots, which will be done prior to the start of the program

              VII.            Intermission Number

            VIII.            Announcement of Winners







·         Poster (I will design this! – Do we have budget for printing?) – about the guidelines – to be posted before the contest – to be posted in different towns and FB – to create hype

·         Trophy (optional)

·         Tally sheets for the judges & pencils (I can prepare this)

·         Tally personnel (3 persons - teachers)

·         Judges – secret for now!

·         Tokens for the judges and tally personnel (optional)



Emcees: Franklin Vios and De Laila Catot


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