Do You Like Yourself?

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In the parties that I attend, I’ve noticed a common ritual that happens around the Videoke machine.  I’ve discovered three stages in this ritual.


First, someone is cajoled to sing for the group.  He first declines adamantly like it was as preposterous as running for President of the Philippines.  He in fact points to others who may sing better—but if for some bizarre reason, people don’t point back to him to sing, you will notice that he will go home utterly depressed and may hang himself…


       But let’s say the ritual is followed and people keep urging him to sing. The would-be singer declines now with shy humor—inviting them to pressure him more.  He says inane stuff like, “Ayoko, baka ma-discover ako.”


The second stage of this ritual is when the singer takes the microphone, pulls from his left pocket an instrumental CD and says, Track 1.”


The third stage happens after the song.  Everyone asks for an encore—no matter if his voice gives everyone a brief introductory experience of the pains of hell.  The Filipino audience is supposed to praise him with words like, “Naku, kailangang may makadiscover sa ‘yo!   Kalinya mo si Martin Nievera!”


       Let me focus on one point about this ritual: This whole thing about getting “discovered”.


I believe that in real life, getting discovered by someone else is not as important as discovering yourself.


You discover the beauty, the glory, the wonder that IS you!


Listen to a quote I got from Mike Murdock: “Popularity is when others like you.  Happiness is when you like yourself.”


Do you LIKE yourself?


Do you enjoy being you?


Do you celebrate and throw a party because of the goodness that God has bestowed on you from the very beginning? 


Let me say this again: Don’t wait to be discovered.


Pray. Be quiet. Look within yourself through His eyes.




And be completely awed at how beautiful, how special, how wonderful you really are.

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